We Jump The World Day

"We Jump the World"-Day 2021
The world of parkour and its community in the spotlight.
"We Jump the World"-Day 2021 
The world of parkour and its community in the spotlight. 

Parkour & free-running - what's behind it?
 "Many people open their minds through things like music and painting, but we do it with parkour. It is not important how it’s being done, but rather how to open up your mind to live and feel the freedom. What's important is that you open up your mind because it gives you freedom." A quote by David Belle, who is considered the founder of parkour. On his birthday, April 29 parkour and its community is celebrated around the world.

Parkour is not about competition, on the contrary; it is about recognizing one's limits set by body and environment and overcoming them unharmed, but also about the conquest of urban space. Parkour or free-running is not only a sport but also a creative art that inspires and invites to look at seemingly fixed functions of material and places from new perspectives.

What is We Jump the World Day all about?
On Thursday, April 29, 2021, the entire parkour community will be even more on the move than usual. All over the world, several parkour & free-runners share their moves on social media platforms under the hashtag #wejumptheworld. It's about showing you can creatively connect places through movement and about the community and fun of it all. We invite everyone to join in or participate!

Reell & Parkour
It's the values and the spirit, the urge for movement and freedom, the attitude of always wanting to try new things that connect Parkour and Reell. The Reflex® pants, which are fitting with our shared values, are gaining more popularity within the parkour and free-run community. Some of which we support and would like to present. We start with Silke Sollfrank and Andi Wöhle, from Berlin, and Julian Würzler, from Hamburg, who have been part of the scene for several years.
Silke Sollfrank is a pro parkour athlete from Berlin and member of the most successful German parkour team “Ashigaru”. She made the podium in the famous Red Bull ART OF MOTION and took part in several TV shows, like Ultimate Beastmaster, Catch or Ninja Warrior.

Julian Würzler has been doing parkour for over 10 years and is also part of the biggest German parkour team “Ashigaru”. Not only as a Parkour athlete, but also as a filmmaker Julian is highly respected within the scene.

Movement has always been part of Andi Wöhle's life. Since 2007 he is part of the parkour & freerunning scene. As part of one of the most skilled parkour teams called “Ashigaru”, Andi also participated in TV shows, like Ninja Warrior (3x finalist) or Catch and worked as a stuntman.