Teamrider Douwe Macaré

A Short portrait
Global team rider Douwe Macaré is obviously no stranger to the skateboard scene, bringing in victories at high-profile competitions such as the Dutch Championships, the European Championships and Red Bull Skate Arcade. Any given day he can be found out on the street, where the roots of skateboarding lie. Douwe is a strong contender to represent the Netherlands at the next Olympic games. His personality and his way of life are a perfect match with the Reell mentality. We are proud to count him as one of our ambassadors.  
“Reell was one of the main sponsors of the skatepark where I learnt to skateboard. I remember a large Reell logo featured on one of the obstacles in the park. It always caught my attention, we even called that obstacle the Reell obstacle. 

I won some Reell pants during a competition at the very same skatepark and of course, I started wearing them. From that point on it was difficult to go back to wearing other pants for skating. Reell pants are great for skating because they’re strong, they've got a lot of stretch and they aren't too tight. 

Reell suits me because it offers the exact style of clothing that I like. Basic, clean and long-lasting. You could say that this also matches my skateboarding style. I don’t do the most difficult tricks, but I try to do them clean and I approach risks in a calculated way so that I can continue to skate for as long as possible.  

Wearing Reell, I don’t have to worry about whether the fit is alright, leaving me to focus completely on my sport. Good skate apparel is generally hard to find, so it’s great that Reell provides me with that. In addition to that, Reell gives me the opportunity to travel for my sport, to be able to skate at more competitions and in different places.”

- Global teamrider Douwe Macaré