Become a retailer

How to become a Reell retailer?
We are always looking for passionate retailers who are interested in selling our Reell collection.
If you are interested in becoming an authorized Reell retailer you must have at least the following to qualify:
•    A bricks and mortar store or an independent online store.
•    A retail business that is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and a VAT number
•    A store focusing on clothing, preferably streetwear with male customers
•    A website, Facebook page and/or Instagram account so we can assess your store

•    To keep our store-locator up-to-date we also expect an order at least every half year.

Do you match with all the points above and can you meet the requirements? Then we would be happy to receive a retailer request. You can send us a retailer request by sending us an email with the information listed below. Our sales department will review your retailer request and will contact you within two business days. 

Requests containing invalid information will be deleted.

Store name*
Store address*
Facebook page
Instagram account