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Knarrtz Barc II clip

After last weeks premiere at the 10th anniversary of the Irregular Magazine, here we go with the Knarrtz Barc II clip. 
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KULT DAYS with Justin Sommer

KULT DAYS by Dan Schulz is dedicated to one of Berlin's most iconic spots - the "Kulturforum". 
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Reell Team @10th Irregular Anniversary by OG Pav

A part of the Reell Team travelled to the 10th Irregular anniversary in Munich with OG Pav.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 8/2020

Gnarly BS Air from our shredder Lenni Janssen, who is on the road with Tony Hawk at this moment, for a better society & more tolerance.
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Julian Lorenzo AD

New AD with global teamrider Julian Lorenzo
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15th BCN Anniversary & Knarrtz Barc II Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming 15th BCN Anniversary + Knarrtz Barc II clips with a part of the international Reell Team
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 5/2020

Team mate Lars de Weerd with a stylish warm-up 180 Beanplant on 15th BCN Anniversary tour.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 4/2020

It's that time of the year again where you have to escape from the rain.
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Woody Hoogendijk wins Falus Super NK

NL Rider Woody Hoogendijk ripped at the Falus Super NK (Dutch Super Champion Contest) & placed first.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 3/2020

Great Tuck Knee from global rider Julian Lorenzo.
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Knarrtz Barc II sideshots - part 2

On tour with the team & there was a lot going on. Part 2 of the Knarrtz Barc II sideshots by Fabian Reichenbach. Have fun!
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Knarrtz Barc II sideshots - part 1

Last but not least we got some impression of the Knarrtz Barc II tour by photographer Fabian Reichenbach for you. 
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Jeffrey Esguerra @ Irregular #38

In the newest issue of the German Irregular Mag,  Jeffrey Eguerra tells you a bit about his setup. 
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Best of TTT 2019

The year is coming to an end and we want to show you our best-of "Tricky Tricky Thursday" 2019.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 51/2019

The 15th Anniversary BCN Tour was a highlight and newcomer Lars de Weerd from the Netherlands was on fire.
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Reell Team 15th BCN Anniversary - Day 2-4 with OG Pav

Day 2-4 from the 15th BCN Anniversary tour from our team on the OG Skateshop vlog by OG Pav.
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Reell Team 15th BCN Anniversary - Day 1 with OG Pav

Currently a part of our German and international team is on our traditional Barcelona tour.
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Greetings from Barce

Greetings from the Reell 15th Anniversary BCN Tour with team mate Lenni Janssen & a stylish BS Tailslide.
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Event for the weekend

This Saturday, the Skatepark Venlo is hosting a X-mas Jam (The Netherlands) for you.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 50/2019

Greetings from the north of Germany & cheers from team rider Tim Vierhaus a.k.a. Limbo, Hamburg represent. 
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 49/2019

It seems like that you can't stop team rider Martin Schiffl from skating rails. Beautiful Bs Hurricane on a blue one.
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Jeffrey Esguerra @COS Finals

The COS Finals in Rust took place last weekend. Our team rider Jeffrey Esguerra made it to the finals and got 7th place.

Martin Schiffl @ Parallel Fuerteventura article

For issue 8 of the Parallel Mag, photographer Robert Christ went to Fuerteventura with our team rider Martin Schiffl and buddies Andre Gerlich, Tobi Lehne, Dominic Peters and Felix Hempel.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 48/2019

Global team rider Henrique Goncalves got a bag full of fliptricks.
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Martin Schiffl @ ABG #56

Martin is grinding with a Bs Hurricane all the way from Gelsenkirchen to Italy and made it into the Fragments section of A BRIEF GLANCE #56. 
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Henrique Goncalves AD

Global rider Henrique Goncalves from Switzerland with Brazilian pop and a gnarly BS Flip in our latest Reell AD.
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Mano Wolf Wallpaper @ Flatspot Mag

While team rider Mano Wolf and photographer Mathijs Tromp were in Florida for the Tampa AM contest, they shot this nice Bs Disaster photo at an old boat.
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Lars De Weerd introducing

We got a new member from The Netherlands in our team! 
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 46/2019

Our new team mate Lars De Weerd from The Netherlands with a massive Kickflip over stairs and gap!
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Justin, Mano & Woody @ Tampa AM 2019

Our team riders Mano Wolf and Justin Sommer took part at this years Tampa AM 2019. 
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Jeffrey Esguerra Heelflip Snippet

The TTT photo from last week, shot by photographer Robert Christ, now in moving pictures.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 45/2019

Wallie Frontside Boardslide pop out by none other than teammate Samuel Beyer!
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Max Mey MTB impressions

MTB Pro Rider Max Mey in his element - forest, jumps & pure nature.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 44/2019

An extremely smooth looking Heelflip over the rail from Senior Esguerra.
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Justin Sommer in Streets

29 days, 24 skateboarders and one of them is our teamrider Justin Sommer - "Streets" by Dan Schulz is online.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 42/2019

Our Barcelona Global Team rider Cristian Sanchez with a rad Noseblunt bomb drop.
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Faust in Marseille with Robin Fischer

The Faust company, with our team rider Robin Fischer, spent some time in the French city Marseille.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 41/2019

Our Spanish global rider Julian Lorenzo with a stylish BS Crailslide in Barca´s Marbella bowl on Knarrtz Barc II tour!
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Lenni Janssen AD

On our Knarrtz Barc II Tour Lenni ripped this monster Backtail & his next AD was done.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 40/2019

Patrick Wenz with a Nosebonk Bs Revert in Amersfoort (NL)
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Vans Shop Riot NL with Lars de Weerd & Woody Hoogendijk

The skate shops from the Netherlands sent their teams to the Burnside skatepark in Deventer (NL) to have good time at the Vans Shop Riot 2019.

Justin @ COS & Lenni @ Miniramp Madness

Justin Sommer and Lenni Janssen were ripping the contests again.
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Justin Sommer in the streets of Barcelona

A short documentary about team rider Justin Sommer, presented by Snipes!
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Woody Hoogendijk @ Naamloos

Teamrider Woody Hoogendijk got some nice footage in the new clip "Naamlos" by Alex Zwietering.
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Justin Sommer @ Pocket Mag #3

You've already seen the Pocket Northbound clip, now we want to show you some of Justin's photos in the new Pocket book.
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Douwe Macare @ NK Skateboarden 2019

Douwe Macare is the new Dutch Skateboard Champion!
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Pocket Northbound clip with Justin Sommer

The Pocket Northbound clip is out now!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 37/2019

Bjoern Klotz at UTOPIA
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 36/2019

Global team rider Henrique Goncalves got it all & bangs a massive treflip over a gap!
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D-Jam snippet

A snippet with a part of the team at the D-Jam Freiburg
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Justin & Lenni @ SKTWK

First place and second place - Justin and Lenni were ripping the German Championship
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 35/2019

Team mate Lenni Janssen was rippin´ gnarly at this year's Roots Radical Jam on the KKF (Kustom Kulture Forever Festival).
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 34/2019

Our Spanish Global Rider Cristian Sanchez visited us for one week & ripped this wonderful Tailgrab over the hip at Plaza Viersen.
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Henrique Goncalves @ Bobaj's Five Thousand

New full-length from Switzerland with teamrider Henrique Goncalves
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 33/2019

Teamrider and halfpipe pro Johannes Thurn  took the first place at the Fest Cup with some nice airs. 
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Martin Schiffl - Irregular Interview Online

The Martin Schiffl interview from the current issue of the Irregular Mag is online
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Douwe Macare @ Vans Shop Riot Cologne

The Vans Shop Riot in Cologne took part a few days ago and our team rider Douwe Macare won the Best Trick Contest with a nice Kickflip Nosegrind down the big hubba.
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Lohse Party Jam pics

Cologne's traditional party at the Lohse ramp couldn't have been better!
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Max Mey MTB update

Max Mey in Winterberg (Germany), Herborn (Germany) & at the MTB Freestyle Championships on the Fise in Besancon (France)
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Martin Schiffl @ Irregular Mag

Team rider Martin Schiffl got a 15 page interview in the newest issue of the Irregular skate mag with photos by Robert Christ and an interview by Bartosz Ciesielski.

Justin Sommer @ Solo Mag

Justin Sommer with a massive Kickflip in SOLO
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 30/2019

Our team rider Martin Schiffl got an interview in the newest issue of the Irregular Magazin. This kinky FS 50-50 is part of it.
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Kustom Kulture Forever Clip

Kustom Kulture wasn´t that long ago. The clip from filmer Pascal Wiens rocks & the variety of tricks will blow you away.
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FuerteVentures Raw clip with Martin Schiffl

31 minutes full of raw footy with team rider Martin Schiffl and his buddies, André Gerlich, Tobi Lehne and Dominic Peters, filmed on their Fuertventura by Felix Hempel.
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Events for the weekend

Fest Cup Karlsruhe and Utropia Dortmund

Kustom Kulture pics pt. I

First part of the Kustom Kulture photos

Tricky Tricky Thursday 28/2019

Team rider & ramp ripper Lenni Janssen with a grand BS Nosegrind on the Roots Radical Jam - Kustom Kulture Festival´19.
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COS Cup with Jeffrey Esguerra & Patrick Wenz

One week ago, the German COS Cup came to Moenchengladbach for the very first time.

Snipes Squad Up Paris with Woody & Justin

This weekend, the Snipes Squad Up took part at the famous République in Paris. 
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Martin Schiffl & Jeffrey Esguerra @ Parallel Mag

New Parallel Mag with photos of Martin Schiffl and Jeffrey Esguerra
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Next Jeffrey Esguerra AD

Our team rider Jeffrey Esguerra rocks a lot lately! The next Reell AD with him within short time!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 26/2019

Cristian Sanchez with a BS 180 in Venlo (NL)

Douwe Macare - 1st place Amsterdam Open

Teamrider Douwe Macare made the 1st place at last weekends Amsterdam Open.
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FuerteVentures clip with Martin Schiffl

Fuerteventura clip with teamrider Martin Schiffl , André Gerlich, Tobi Lehne and Dominic Peters.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 25/2019

Our teamrider Jeffrey Esguerra with a rad 360 flip down a gap in Duesseldorf (Germany).
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 23/2019

A stylish Fs Nosebluntslide from Robin Fischer's Reellax part
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Keith Walsh x Reflex Easy Pant pics

An intro for the upcoming clip with Irish team rider Keith Walsh for the Reflex Easy Pant advertisement.
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Concrete Jam clip

The 4th Concrete Jam in Neuss (Germany) had it all. Many participants, a huge audience & there was even a girls & senior group. BBQ, great weather, live music & good sessions - what could be nicer?!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 21/2019

Teamrider Lenni Janssen with a stylish bigspin tailgrab at last year’s Kustom Kulture – Roots Radical Competition.
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Dennis Ludwig’s   „LUDI DAYS AND NIGHTS“ was premiered at last year’s SKTWK in Duesseldorf (Germany) and now it's finally online.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 20/2019

Gnarly Nosebluntslide by team rider Samuel Beyer
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Jeffrey Esguerra AD

Team rider Jeffrey Esguerra shot his first Reell AD within a year!

Woody @ Best Foot Forward Innsbruck

Last weekend the Best Foot Forward took place in Innsbruck and besides taking interviews for the Flatspotmag, Woody managed to do have some really good runs and made the second.
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Event for the weekend

Event for the weekend is this time the Rollbrett Union (RBU) season opening session in Moenchengladbach (Germany) with ca$h & stuff for tricks!
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Woody Hoogendijk @ Destroy the Spot - Zoetermeer

For the second time Titus hosted  "Destroy the Spot" in the Netherlands and this time, they've chosen Zoetermeer.

Hamburg Hell competition - results & pics with Johannes Thurn

The Hamburg Hell Championship was a caliber in halfpipe competition. With an international starting field & teamrider Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn won the race, followed by olympic coach Jürgen Horrwarth!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 18/2019

Jeffrey Esguerra with a Frontside Tailslide to fakie, shot on a monday after-work session with photographer Robert Christ. 
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 17/2019

Buddy & support ripper Daniel D-Dog Gieseke with a looong boardslide over the kink.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 16/2019

Martin Schiffl with a Fs 180 Nosegrind Revert
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Pav Weekend with Jeffrey Esguerra

Once again L-Pav is showing you how he spent his week. And off course, it's full of skateboarding.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 15/2019

Clack, clack, grrrr, clack, grrrr - thats what the passerby heard while Patrick Wenz was doing this Fs 5-0. 

Tricky Tricky Thursday 14/2019

Lenni Janssen with a Kickflip Backtail at the Marbella Bowl.
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Martin Schiffl and photographer Robert Christ spent a lot of time on the Roads together, the last years. Robert decided to do a little zine for him, with photos from Martin and some of his friends.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 13/2019

Teamman Jeffrey Esguerra ripped one banger after the other on the Knarrtz Barc II Tour! This time we have a beautifully executed Sugarcane for you. Shot by photographer Fabian Reichenbach.

Samuel Beyer Sequence

While Robert Christ was flipping through his archives, he found a 360 Flip Tree Plant of teamrider Samuel Beyer from 2016.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 12/2019

Global teamrider Julian Lorenzo with a grand kickflip BS Tailslide, after a long injury break, at the DIY on the Knarrtz Barc II Tour.

Justin Sommer AD

Our brandnew AD with Justin Sommer
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 11/2019

Martin Schiffl is riding with a Wallride straight into the Lens of photographer Robert Christ during a Nightvibes mission.

Photos Lenni @ Titus Miniramp Jam

Some fisheye photos of Lenni Janssen from the Miniramp Jam in Muenster

Lenni 1st Place @Titus Miniramp Jam

The Titus Miniramp Jam took part again in Muenster (Germany)
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 10/2019

Lenni Janssen with Fs Fencebash under the moonlight. 
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Nightvibes online article @ Irregular

From now on, you can find our Nightvibes article online on the website of the Irregular Magazine. 
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Jeffrey Esguerra @ Pocket No. 2

Not only team mate Martin Schiffl is featured in the recently published Pocket book. Newcomer & young gun Jeffrey Esguerra did a gnarly 360 pop shuv it into the bank & also got a pic in Gallery no. 2!
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Martin Schiffl @ Pocket No. 2

The Pocket Mag just released their new book and it comes with a nice gallery including a photo of our teamrider Martin Schiffl

Nightvibes clip

A part of the Reell Team on Nightvibes Mission with Lenni Janssen, Jeffrey Esguerra, Martin Schiffl, Patrick Wenz, the TM & photographer Robert Christ.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 9/2019

Tomorrow our Nightvibes clip will be released. As a little appetizer you can enjoy this Kickflip Step Off by Patrick Wenz, shot by Robert Christ.

Douwe Macare & Reflex Loose Chino

Global Teamrider Douwe Macare was testing the Reflex Loose Chino. One of his favorite skate pants!

Tricky Tricky Thursday 8/2019

Teamrider & young gun Lenni Janssen smashes a smooth BS Grab at night, out of a kicker over some stairs.

Nightvibes Sideshots

A gallery featuring sideshots of our Nightvibes

Tricky Tricky Thursday 7/2019

Flying and grabbing through the night.
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Martin Schiffl and Patrick Wenz @ Cyanotopia

In issue of the Parallel Mag, our teamriders Patrick Wenz and Martin Schiffl got lost in Cyanotopia. A rough, dirty, beautfiul and blue land. 

Julian Lorenzo @ Marbella Bowl

After a long injury break, Global team rider Julian Lorenzo could finally shred the Marbella Bowl!

Tricky Tricky Thursday 6/2019

As an appetizer for the upcoming Nightvibes clip, here is a 180 fakie nosegrind by Martin Schiffl.
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Bjoern Klotz AD

Teamrider Bjoern Klotz with his hot new Reell AD!

Tricky Tricky Thursday 5/2019

Skate buddy & friend Daniel D-Dog Giesecke joined the Knarrtz Barc! II Tour & rocked this beautifully executed beanplant at a bust spot.

Rainy Days in Barcelona with Robin Fischer and FAUST

Robin Fischer and his crew from FAUST Skateboards decided to spent some days in the sunny Barcelona  but what they got was rain, rain and rain.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 4/2019

On our last mission for the Nightvibes article in the current issue of the German Irregular Magazine our newest team rider Jeffrey Esguerra was on fire and did this luxury Heelflip in front of a luxury hotel in Duesseldorf.

Reell Nightvibes @ Irregular Mag

While other people were sleeping or partying, our teamriders Patrick Wenz, Martin Schiffl, Jeffrey Esguerra and Lenni Janssen spent their nights skating the streets of their hometowns together with filmer Simon Klinkertz, our TM and photographer Robert Christ.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 3/2019

Global teamrider Cristian Sanchez destroys this ledge on the Knarrtz Barc! Tour II with a FS Nosegrind!
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Douwe Macare - Ricta part

Teamrider Douwe Macare with an awesome part for his new sponsor RICTA Wheels.

Lenni Janssen @ Canyelles Bowl

Here are some photos of teamrider Lenni Jannsen, ripping the Canyelles bowl.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 2/2019

Global team rider Julian Lorenzo after a long injury break at the Marbella Bowl in Barcelona, on the Knarrtz Barc! Tour II.

Martin Schiffl AD

Our new AD with Martin Schiffl

Julian Lorenzo - Be Mag Cover

To start the new year with a magazine cover is something every skateboarder would be hyped about. So we think our teamrider Julian Lorenzo is very happy at this moment cause he scored the new cover of the BE Mag.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 1/2019

The first Tricky Tricky Thursday in 2019 comes with a nice photo by Christian Preuschoff.
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Best-of Tricky Tricky Thursday 2018

The Tricky Tricky Thursday is the most traditional post on our blog. For several years we are posting new photos from our teamriders at this day of the week. So here is a kind of best-of for 2018.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 51/2018

Grindin' and grabbin' seems to be the hot shit right now. Of course, Lenni knows what's hot or not. Today you can see him tailgrabbin' a nosegrind back into a tranny.
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Mano Wolf introducing

NL Teamrider & young gun Mano Wolf is the latest addition to the Reell Team. Welcome to the team Mano.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 50/2018

Today it's time to celebrate the birthday of teamrider Martin Schiffl

Henrique Goncalves @ CG Podzim

The Colourgroup from Switzerland just released a new and nice promo clip. Off course, when there is a new CG Clip, teamrider Henrique Goncalves and some of his rad flip tricks shouldn't be missing.
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Knarrtz Barc! Tour Clip

The Reell Knarrtz Barc! Tour with team mates Lenni Janssen, Justin Sommer, Bjoern Klotz & Cristian Sanchez, the TM, photographer Fabian Reichenbach & filmer Simon Klinkertz on mission in Barcelona.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 49/2018

This weeks TTT with a Fs Feeble by Jeffrey Esquerra
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Mano Wolf - Future Prospects

As part of the „Creating Lines“ episodes on the Place Mag website, Filmer Kadir Küçük published a nice and creative clip with Mano Wolf, the new young gun in our NL team.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 48/2018

Greetings from Europes sunny south from the team!
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Martin Schiffl @ Freedom Solo article

Freedom Skateboards will celebrate the premiere of their video Psychedelic Penetration next Saturday. The Solo Mag printed an article about the video in their current issue, in which teamrider Martin Schiffl is featured with a rad Fs Boardslide down a 12 stair rail.
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OG PAV Hood Session with Jeffrey Esquerra

Last weekend OG Pav celebrated the "hood session" in his hometown Aachen. Pushing from spot to spot, skating real street spots and having fun.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 47/2018

Teamrider Patrick Wenz likes to skate spots that are a bit different or does unusual tricks at usual spots. In this case, he chose the second option and a Crailbonk.
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Freedom BMX Awards with Paul Thoelen

Last weekend the Freedom BMX Awards took place in the Skatehalle Oldenburg (Germany). Teamrider & Pro Paul Thoelen made it in the category ´Dirt´/ BMX rider of the year.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 46/2018

Some of you might only know Lenni's footy from bowl contests or tranny sessions. But Lenni also feels comfortable on the streets and is going the looooong way with this Bs 50-50 during our Knartz Barc! tour.
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Knarrtz Barc! Tour Pics Pt. II

Part II of the Knarrtz Barc! tour with impressions from photographer Fabian Reichenbach
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Justin Sommer 10th at Tampa AM

Teamrider Justin Sommer was invited last weekend to the USA and took part at Tampa AM.
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Knarrtz Barc! Tour Pics Pt. I

A part of the team traditionally arrived in Barcelona a few months ago. We have already let one or two impressions take effect & don't want to withhold the rest of the photos from you.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 45/2018

Justin Sommer with a stylish FS Flip on this year's Knarrtz Barc! Tour in Barcelona.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 44/2018

Henrique Goncalves, our Brazilian guy with the massive pop got BS Flips on lock.
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Lenni Janssen x Reell

Teamrider, Pro Skateboarder & young gun Lenni Janssen in his first Reell spot!

Eller! With Justin Sommer, Lenni Janssen & friends

The biggest outdoor skate plaza in Germany is in Düsseldorf (NRW) & called Eller! 
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 43/2018

Knarrtz Barc Tour with Global Team mate Cristian Sanchez & a beautifully executed Tailslide 270 out.
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BMX Autumn greetings from Leon Binckebanck

Leon´s fresh Autumn greetings from Berlin!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 42/2018

Oldie but goldie with Samuel Beyer

Martin Schiffl @ Irregular Mag

Teamrider Martin Schiffl made it into the new issue of the German Irregular Mag

Tricky Tricky Thursday 41/2018

Pizza, beer and a 5-0 Indy Grab at the Utopia DIY Spot.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 40/2018

It's time to warm-up for our upcoming GOS event in Duisburg (Germany) on Saturday. 
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 39/2018

A stylish Bs Flip by Henrique Goncalves and a sick angle by Fabian Reichenbach - best combo for a perfect photo. 

SKTWK clips

Two weeks ago the Skateweek took part in Düsseldorf (Germany) and got it all – photo exhibitions,  a skatevideo night, a real street contest, a skateable sculpture  and last but not least the german championship at the skatepark in Eller.  Five days full of rad skateboarding, party time and skateboardculture.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 38/2018

Our newest team rider Jeffrey Esquerra is not only comfortable with skating gaps and stairs, but can also handle rough ground and walls.
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SKTWK with Lenni Janssen & Justin Sommer

Within the SKTWK (Skate Week) in Duesseldorf (Germany, NRW), the German Skateboard Championship took place last weekend.

Fest Cup clip

The Fest Cup at ´Das Fest´ in Karlsruhe is one of the biggest German Halfpipe Championships. Teamrider Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn, Master of disaster Dirk Roesen, young gun Lenni Janssen (unfortunately injured) & the TM were on site with filmer Simon Klinkertz and photographer Fabian Reichenbach. 
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Pics with Douwe & 4th place @ESC

Global rider Douwe Macare at a photo shooting. Looks great & got style.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 36/2018

Teamrider Martin Schiffl with a Fs Smithgrind somewhere in a housing complex in the German Ruhr-Valley, wearing on of our strong limited casts on his right hand.
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21. Niederrhein Contest OG Pav Clip

Last weekend there was the 21st Niederrhein competition in Viersen (Germany / NRW), not far from The Netherlands.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 35/2018

As a warm up for the 21st Niederrhein Contest at the Viersen (NRW) Plaza, this saturday, teamrider Jeffrey Esguerra with a grand treflip over the bubble.
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BMX street clip with Paul Thoelen

The Woozy BMX mag recently released a nice BMX street clip. Among others with Pro Rider Kriss Kyle & how could it be otherwise our BMX Pro Paul Thoelen.
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Douwe Macare AD

Teamrider Douwe Macare from The Netherlands is rollin´ & rockin´ Europes streets, every time, everywhere!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 34/2018

On the last photos we posted from Kilian, you could see the Heuberger Airline flying over some high rails. This time he is landing in a smooth switch crooked.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 33/2018

Our old dog Dirk Rösen did  Bs Nosegrinds at the Fest Cup in Karlsruhe (Germany) with the power and energy off a young gun.
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Justin Sommer @ Santa Cruz's TIL THE END

A banging Justin Sommer Part in Santa Cruz's new video.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 32/2018

The Fest Cup & ´Das Fest´ in Karlsruhe / Germany is a festival highlight. We celebrate & join this one for years. That time with our halfpipe ripper Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn, Dirk Roesen & Lenni Janssen.
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Skatedeluxe Berlin Clip with Douwe Macare

During the bright tradeshow, our global teamrider Douwe Macare ripped the streets of Berlin with the Skatedeluxe team.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 30/2018

Gap in, gap out and straight to the new issue of the Parallel Mag.
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Pocket LA Clip with Justin Sommer

The Pocket LA Clip is online!

Samuel Beyer AD

Teamrider Samuel Beyer was 1 month in Bangkok & ripped the streets. Best conditions to shoot an advertise in Thailands metropolis with photographer Florian "Burny" Hopfensperger.
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Martin Schiffl & Patrick Wenz @ Parallel 07

Two weeks ago the new issue of the Parallel mag was published and it‘s worth a read. Our teamrider Patrick Wenz and Martin Schiffl made it to the gallery with two really nice double pages.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 28/2018

One more photo from the D-Jam in Freiburg/Germany with our newest teamrider Jeffrey Esquerra, who is doing 360 flips like that easily. 
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 27/2018

Teamrider Martin Schiffl with a drop to smith at the beginning of 2018 during a night mission  with photographer Robert Christ and temperatures below zero.
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Douwe Macare @ Snipes Squad Up Contest

It's summertime and there is one contest after another. Last weekend the Snipes Squad Up contest took part in Rotterdam.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 26/2018

Björn Klotz is flying high with a stylish Bs Nosegrab during the D-Jam Contest
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Justin Sommer @ Damn Am Barcelona

This weekend the Damn Am took part in sunny Barcelona.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 25/2018

It’s GO SKATEBOARDING DAY and we hope that you will have a nice session with your homies and enjoy this beautiful day
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 24/2018

Justin Sommer with a warm-up Blunt to Fakie at the DIY Spotter.
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Kustom Kulture pics

The Kustom Kulture Forever festival stands for rock ´n roll, hotrods, muscle cars, motorcycles & skateboarding since few years!
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Lenni Janssen @ Pooligans Rotterdam

Last weekend the bowl in Rotterdam was burning! The Pooligans contest took part again and everyone was ripping the transitions.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 23/2018

Here we go with the next photo from our ´Knarrtz Barc!´ tour.
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Cristian Sanchez AD

Global Teamrider Cristian Sanchez with his new ad.
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Irregular issue 31 - now online

Anyone who didn't get his hands on a printed copy of issue 31 of the Irregular Magazine, can check it online right now!

Tricky Tricky Thursday 22/2018

Roots Radical Jam ripper & winner on Germany´s Kustom Kulture Forever Festival Lenni Janssen was on Barca tour with the team & had a rad session at the DIY Spotter.
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Justin Sommer - Macba back to the 4

Last wednesday, the legendary Big four at Macba got his fourth block back again for a few hours.
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Butcher Jam clip

The Butcher Jam in Flensburg / Germany is one of the biggest BMX events in Europe. Last weekend they celebrated their 10th anniversary!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 20/2018

Teamrider Johannes ‚Cho‘ Thurn with the last session in Berlin's Halfpipe, Skatehalle Berlin.
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Session with Douwe Macare

Teamrider Douwe Macare rocks the indoor skatepark in Utrecht, the Netherlands!
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Johannes Thurn 540

Teamrider & pipe ripper Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn with an awesome 540 at Hamburg´s Hell Competition.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 19/2018

Today, it's fathers day in Germany. So what would be more suitable than a photo of teamrider and daddy Patrick Wenz.
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Martin Schiffl - Solo interview online

I case you didn't grab a copy of the new Solo Mag with Martin's interview, you could check it online at the Solo website.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 18/2018

Our Reell team is expanding! Youngster Jeffrey Esguerra from NRW is the newest addition & rips everything that makes the streets skatable! Welcome to the German Flow Team Jeff & shred on.
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Martin Schiffl - Ü30 @ Irregular Mag

The last month was a really good one for teamrider Martin Schiffl.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 17/2018

Halfpipe rider & teammate Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn in Berlin´s Half / Skatehalle Berlin.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 16/2018

Young gun Lenni Janssen got an invitation card for China´s biggest Skateboard Contest ever! Before his flight will go there this weekend, he rocks Berlin´s new bank with a 270 Boneless, on the ´Berlin you are so wunderbar´ tour, inside!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 15/2018

Bjorn the human Klotz at a hot & brand new spot in Berlin on the ´Berlin you are so wunderbar´ tour!
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Schiffl & Friends in Tenerife pt. II

Here is the next part from the Schiffl and Friends trip to Tenerife with photos from Santa Cruz, over Puerto to Adeje.
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Schiffl & Friends in Tenerife pt. I

Some impressions from the first days – from Santa Cruz to Anaga Mountains.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 14/2018

The ´Berlin you are so wunderbar´ Tour is not so long ago. Teammate Samuel Beyer hit a dirty ledge spot with a Bluntslide.
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Martin Schiffl - AD

Our brandnew AD with teamrider Martin Schiffl

Tricky Tricky Thursday 13/2018

Teamrider Martin Schiffl is known for his crazy drop in skills. 
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Tenerife DIY clip with Schiffl and friends

In 2017 teamrider Martin Schiffl, photographer Robert Christ, Phil Vinken and the TM escaped from the German winter and took the plane to Gran Canaria. This year they decided to visit Gran Canaria’s beautiful neighbor Tenerife.
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Martin Schiffl - SOLO Interview

How could somebody say no to this beautiful portrait?  Teamrider Martin Schiffl has a twelve-page interview in the current issue of the SOLO Mag and didn’t choose the most common tricks for that.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 12/2018

Teamrider Patrick Wenz loves to skate banks and likes photos that are a bit more experimental.
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Lenni Janssen x Area51 Clip

Teammate Lenni Janssen in the Area51 Eindhoven / NL.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 11/2018

It was cold and rainy outside in the north of Europe! So, a part of the team went to Barca for a while.

Titus Miniramp Jam Clip

The Titus Miniramp Jam clip with teammates Lenni Janssen & Bjorn ´the human´ Klotz.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 10/2018

Teammate Lenni Janssen has BS Smithgrinds on lock! This time, shot from a different angle by Fabian Reichenbach in the Canyelles bowl on Barca tour!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 9/2018

On tour with a part of the Reell Team. German teamrider Bjorn Klotz with a beautiful Ice Plant at the DIY Spotter, near Barcelona.
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Cristian Sanchez AD

At the beginning of this year the next Reell advertise is coming with global rider Cristian Sanchez...
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 8/2018

Greetings from Barca! Global rider Cristian Sanchez got his warm up `specials`. After 2-3 tries he...
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Magic & Woody @ Likkie Wax

Likkie Wax by Ziggy Schaap is a really nice full-length from the Netherlands with footage of our...
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Berlin you are so wunderbar tour clip

Before wintertime came over, a part of the team made it to Berlin for 2-3 days.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 7/2018

In case you missed the E:6:A:7 homie video with our teamriders Martin Schiffl, Patrick Wenz and their crew, you should definitely check it out! This Fs Feeble by Martin is one of the tricks from his part.
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Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn AD

New teamrider & halfpipe ripper Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn from Berlin ride pipes and got a special flow like only few riders got. Here we go with his 1st ad in Germany´s Solo Magazine.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 6/2018

Although Lenni’s foot was bruised at the end of our Barca Brothers Tour, it didn’t stop him from joining a session with teammember Cristian Sanchez and doing a boneless into this narrow bank.

Justin Sommer SOLO Interview

Teamrider Justin Sommer got a sick eleven page interview in the current issue of the Solo Mag with photos by Dennis Scholz.
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Best-of TTT 2017

The Tricky Tricky Thursday is the most traditional post on our blog. For several years we are posting new photos from our teamriders at this day of the week. So here is a kind of best-of for the last year with photos by Fabian Reichenbach, Robert Christ, Sebi Hartung and Phil Pham.
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