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New website!

We got a new website!
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Event for the weekend

The ´Butcher Jam´ in Flensburg is one of the most traditional BMX competitions in Germany. International riders from Europe join it, also our teammates Paul Thoelen & Leon Binckebanck from Berlin!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 20/2018

Teamrider Johannes ‚Cho‘ Thurn with the last session in Berlin's Halfpipe, Skatehalle Berlin.
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Session with Douwe Macare

Teamrider Douwe Macare rocks the indoor skatepark in Utrecht, the Netherlands!
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Johannes Thurn 540

Teamrider & pipe ripper Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn with an awesome 540 at Hamburg´s Hell Competition.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 19/2018

Today, it's fathers day in Germany. So what would be more suitable than a photo of teamrider and daddy Patrick Wenz.
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Martin Schiffl - Solo interview online

I case you didn't grab a copy of the new Solo Mag with Martin's interview, you could check it online at the Solo website.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 18/2018

Our Reell team is expanding! Youngster Jeffrey Esguerra from NRW is the newest addition & rips everything that makes the streets skatable! Welcome to the German Flow Team Jeff & shred on.
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Martin Schiffl - Ü30 @ Irregular Mag

The last month was a really good one for teamrider Martin Schiffl.
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Park Opening Clip

A brand new skatepark opened a few days ago in Willich / Germany, nor far away from Hollands border.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 17/2018

Halfpipe rider & teammate Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn in Berlin´s Half / Skatehalle Berlin.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 16/2018

Young gun Lenni Janssen got an invitation card for China´s biggest Skateboard Contest ever! Before his flight will go there this weekend, he rocks Berlin´s new bank with a 270 Boneless, on the ´Berlin you are so wunderbar´ tour, inside!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 15/2018

Bjorn the human Klotz at a hot & brand new spot in Berlin on the ´Berlin you are so wunderbar´ tour!
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Schiffl & Friends in Tenerife pt. II

Here is the next part from the Schiffl and Friends trip to Tenerife with photos from Santa Cruz, over Puerto to Adeje.
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Schiffl & Friends in Tenerife pt. I

Some impressions from the first days – from Santa Cruz to Anaga Mountains.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 14/2018

The ´Berlin you are so wunderbar´ Tour is not so long ago. Teammate Samuel Beyer hit a dirty ledge spot with a Bluntslide.
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Martin Schiffl - AD

Our brandnew AD with teamrider Martin Schiffl

Tricky Tricky Thursday 13/2018

Teamrider Martin Schiffl is known for his crazy drop in skills. 
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Tenerife DIY clip with Schiffl and friends

In 2017 teamrider Martin Schiffl, photographer Robert Christ, Phil Vinken and the TM escaped from the German winter and took the plane to Gran Canaria. This year they decided to visit Gran Canaria’s beautiful neighbor Tenerife.
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Martin Schiffl - SOLO Interview

How could somebody say no to this beautiful portrait?  Teamrider Martin Schiffl has a twelve-page interview in the current issue of the SOLO Mag and didn’t choose the most common tricks for that.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 12/2018

Teamrider Patrick Wenz loves to skate banks and likes photos that are a bit more experimental.
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Our new Spring/Summer ’18 video is here!
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Lenni Janssen x Area51 Clip

Teammate Lenni Janssen in the Area51 Eindhoven / NL.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 11/2018

It was cold and rainy outside in the north of Europe! So, a part of the team went to Barca for a while.

Titus Miniramp Jam Clip

The Titus Miniramp Jam clip with teammates Lenni Janssen & Bjorn ´the human´ Klotz.

Tricky Tricky Thursday 10/2018

Teammate Lenni Janssen has BS Smithgrinds on lock! This time, shot from a different angle by Fabian Reichenbach in the Canyelles bowl on Barca tour!
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 9/2018

On tour with a part of the Reell Team. German teamrider Bjorn Klotz with a beautiful Ice Plant at the DIY Spotter, near Barcelona.
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Cristian Sanchez AD

At the beginning of this year the next Reell advertise is coming with global rider Cristian Sanchez...
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 8/2018

Greetings from Barca! Global rider Cristian Sanchez got his warm up `specials`. After 2-3 tries he...
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Magic & Woody @ Likkie Wax

Likkie Wax by Ziggy Schaap is a really nice full-length from the Netherlands with footage of our...
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Berlin you are so wunderbar tour clip

Before wintertime came over, a part of the team made it to Berlin for 2-3 days.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 7/2018

In case you missed the E:6:A:7 homie video with our teamriders Martin Schiffl, Patrick Wenz and their crew, you should definitely check it out! This Fs Feeble by Martin is one of the tricks from his part.
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Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn AD

New teamrider & halfpipe ripper Johannes ´Cho´ Thurn from Berlin ride pipes and got a special flow like only few riders got. Here we go with his 1st ad in Germany´s Solo Magazine.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 6/2018

Although Lenni’s foot was bruised at the end of our Barca Brothers Tour, it didn’t stop him from joining a session with teammember Cristian Sanchez and doing a boneless into this narrow bank.

Justin Sommer SOLO Interview

Teamrider Justin Sommer got a sick eleven page interview in the current issue of the Solo Mag with photos by Dennis Scholz.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 3/2018

Greetings from Tenerife! Teamrider Martin Schiffl with a fancy Crooks Tailgrab out of the island,...
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Best-of TTT 2017

The Tricky Tricky Thursday is the most traditional post on our blog. For several years we are posting new photos from our teamriders at this day of the week. So here is a kind of best-of for the last year with photos by Fabian Reichenbach, Robert Christ, Sebi Hartung and Phil Pham.
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Tricky Tricky Thursday 1/2018

The German Irregular Mag just published their beautiful thirteenth issue. Teamrider Martin Schiffl, or rather his feet and board, made it into the content page with a 50-50 on a sketchy rail.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Reell Team & skate on!