Lenzman is a DJ and producer who exhibits tremendous talent in the many peripheral footholds of Drum & Bass. The course his career has taken in the last few years is an enviable journey many only strive to achieve. As testament to a dynamic musical upbringing, Lenzman’s style and sound has coalesced from his early involvement with a Hiphop collective, an ongoing love affair with Soul music, and having witnessed the life and demise of London's Blue Note club.

Undoubtedly one of the most captivating aspects of Lenzman’s work is his experimental sound palette. Its grace and elegance is sought not solely through tender emotion and heartfelt melody, but the raw and bracing energy that it belies. This hybrid, eclectic style has secured Lenzman a position as one of the most in demand and dynamic Drum & Bass artists within the scene.

Lenzman’s creativity with real vocalists – the aforementioned Riya and Jo-S to name but two – has also played a key role in setting him apart from innumerable drum and bass producers settling for hastily chosen samples. Alongside this is his Midas touch for providing unforgettable remixes, ranging from a tender rework of Die & Interface’s ‘Bright Lights’ and the more recent remix of Natalie Duncan's 'Sky Is Falling'.

Mathäus Jagielski

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