Limitierte Auflage – T-Shirt inklusive handsigniertem Riso Druck
Zusätzlich zum T-Shirt ist eine limitierte Auflage eines A5 Riso Drucks enthalten. Von Hedof persönlich signiert.
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“When Reell approached me to collaborate a couple of years ago, I was super eager from the get go. A skateboarder myself, I have a lot of respect for a label with Dutch roots that has continued to support the skate scene for the past 20 years. Back in the day, Reell sponsored one of my favorite skateboarders: Paul van der Rijt. I even dreamt of riding for a brand like Reell some day.
Now, more than 15 years later, I’ve become part of the Reell family after all. So of course I leapt at the chance to do something in return. As an illustrator, designing a graphic for the brand’s 20th anniversary was an obvious first step.“
I quickly came upon the idea of the spider web. To me the core power of a genuine brand like Reell is that they connect. They connect skateboarders, artists, musicians, designers, all kinds of creatives that in their own way make the world that bit more interesting. We are stronger when we work together - and that is Reell, 20 years and counting!“